My Back Pain and Weight Issue Are History

I was not able to quickly lose my pregnancy weight when I had my third and final child. I thought that I was just going to have to buy a new wardrobe, but that turned out to be the least of my problems. I developed back pain like I had never experienced before. I knew that I had to do something because I had three children who depended on me. I looked online at websites for Vancouver chiropractors, and that is how I found Bridge Chiropractic. They were the ones who were able to help me when I just couldn’t take the pain anymore.

I called to schedule an appointment, not sure when they would be able to see me since I was a new patient. When they told me I could come in that same week, I was so relieved. My husband even stayed home from work that day so I could go on my own without lugging all three children with me. He was looking forward to spending time with the kids, but he also wanted me to get the help that I needed for my back pain.

I told the chiropractor that this was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and that I was having a hard time losing it this time around. He examined me, and then he told me what my treatment options were. He wanted to not only help me with my back pain issue, but he also addressed the weight issue as well. I had no idea that I was going to get help for that too, and I felt incredibly blessed to have found a chiropractic center that truly does put the patient first. I no longer have my back pain, and I am well on my way to my goal weight too!