Skin Free of Acne – 9 Simple Steps

How to get rid of acne?

Our skin is a wonderful gift that we must appreciate and maintain its beauty. We are sure that everybody wants to have perfect and smooth skin without any problems that can appear. The most widespread ones are acne and pimples. They can be very harmful for your appearance because they can cause a lot of problems. Acne is very visible so your appearance is spoiled when they appear on your face. It may even lead to a range of psychological problems and loss of self-confidence. Acne appears when your pores are blocked by sebum (oil that lubricates your skin and hair). It is often met during teenage years, when hormonal balance changes and hormones are produced more actively. The most problematic areas on the face are nose, forehead and chin because production of oil here is the highest Medicalcare.

Before your visit to the specialist, you should find out some home-made remedies that will help you to get rid of this problem. They are effective and available for everyone. Healthy diet, healthy sleep and herbal masks will help you to get rid of acne!

Keep your face clean

A perfect rule is to clean your face properly two times a day with a soap which is based on sulfur, because it is perfect for problematic skin. It is necessary to clean your skin after you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed in the evening. Remember that you shouldn`t rub or peel your skin, because sebum will be produced excessively and the problem with acne will be even worse. Scrubs can also irritate your skin which is already damaged because of acne and pimples.

Take your hair away from the face

You haven’t thought that hair which falls on your face can provoke appearance of acne. It can be explained by the fact that there is a certain amount of oil on our hair and in contact with the skin on our face acne appear. If you have such a problem then you should take your hair off the face and keep it clean .

Healthy diet

Specialists say that our skin reflects all the problems of our body which, by the way, come from inside. We should keep our body healthy in order to avoid these problems and the best way is to keep to a healthy diet. If you keep to a nutritional diet your skin will be radiant and clean. Your diet should be based on all the possible vitamins that will fill deficiencies of some elements in the body. They can be found in fruits and vegetables, which are the natural sources of micro elements and vitamins. The most necessary one is vitamin A which is responsible for regeneration of skin cells and it also cleanse your body perfectly.

Chromium as a food additive

If you want to get rid of pimples and to lose weight at the same time, then you can add chromium in your everyday ration. But first, you should consult your doctor and if he agrees, then you can consume it once a day to treat pimples.

Healthy sleep

One of the most effective and fast ways to get rid of acne is to sleep enough (from eight to nine hours a day). Deep sleep helps to restore your body from inside and clear it of toxins. If your body functions well then many health problems can be resolved. Daytime sleep also helps to regain strength in order to resist infections and inflammations.

Honey mask as the best remedy

One of the best remedies in treatment of acne is honey. It has very effective anti-bacterial and anti-septic qualities that affect your skin. It purifies pores and treats acne. It perfectly suits for sensitive skin. Apply honey mask on your face once a week to see a wonderful result.

Restrict the use of make-up

Cosmetic products meant for makeup include in its composition a lot of chemical ingredients that can be very harmful for problematic areas of your skin. You should limit use of make up until you get rid of problems with acne. Sometimes it happens that you need to use makeup and in this case you should apply it in a very small amount and remove it properly before you go to bed. Heavy makeup block your pores and a chance of appearance of acne increases.

Squeezing pimples should be forbidden

You should know one simple rule: don’t scratch and squeeze the pimples. People always think that if they do that, then pimples will not appear, but they are wrong. These procedures only increase production of sebum which results in more and more acne on your skin. When squeezing, the top layer of the skin is damaged and the risk of progression of the infection is really high. In addition bacteria is brought on the surface and it provokes deterioration of your skin condition.

Wash your pillowcases frequently

During the sleep your skin contacts the pillow and skin oil remains on the material. It leads to its pollution and next time when your skin contacts the pillow the infection is provoked. So, you should maintain hygiene and wash your pillowcases more often than usually.

So, you see that there are a lot of ways to treat acne and pimples without visiting the doctor. All these ways are possible, effective and safe. Follow these easy tips in order to receive healthy and radiant skin and to forget about acne forever.