4 Factors That Prevent You From Pregnancy

We all know that woman’s fertility decreases with age. But, during her fertility period, she can face various problems that prevent her from becoming pregnant. Both internal and external factors are responsible for infertility. Having a baby is one of the most precious feelings of a mother. As our lifestyle is changing day by day and we are becoming addicted to various drugs, our body’s ability to bear the child is decreasing slowly. In the earlier days, most of the pregnant mothers spend most of the time in the home so that they can care both her body and the growing child Help Healthy.

However, nowadays most of the women have to go out for work. This put a pressure on the pregnant mother and the child too. Changing food habits and lifestyle are responsible for women not becoming pregnant. Here, are some of the factors that are preventing you to bear a child. If you control each one of the factors in the right way, then it will bring fruitful results.


1. Eating Habits and Obesity

This is one of the important factors that lead to poor infertility. Eating too many unhealthy foods, fried and junk food leads to obesity. Accumulation of fat in the uterus or in the ovaries can make major problems while carrying the womb in the body. Most of the doctors suggest eating light food containing less percentage of oil. Obesity or excessive weight gain can create lots of problems. So, when you are pregnant, always follow the diet chart that doctor gives you.

2. Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Smoking Cigarettes

In these days, most of the women like to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes for enjoyment. While you are pregnant, you should avoid all these. Cigarettes are bad for your health and for the developing embryo. Nicotine changes the DNA and prevents the cells to response to the hormones. Cigarettes can bring hormonal changes in both men and women.


3. PCOS-

The full form of PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This disease indicates growth of many polyps or growths in the ovary. This happened due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. In the normal cases, the cysts release properly each month at the end of the menstrual cycle. But, when you are having PCOS, the cysts sustain in the ovary causing pain Chiropratic Healthcare.

4. Fibroid Pregnancy

In this case, tissue growth is visible in the inner lining of the uterus. These mass growths thicken and stay on the inner walls of the endometrium of the uterus. This is one of the important reasons that prevent you from pregnancy. UFE procedure is best to treat fibroids.

These are some of the internal and external factors that can prevent you to become pregnant. But, if you control all these, you can have a sweet little child.

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Preventative Measures Taken During 8 Months Pregnancy

Women are prestigious in our society. She is the only person who has got the honour to give birth to a baby. There is a requirement of due care during pregnancy as a lady is holding another life within her body. Now we will talk about preventive measures which are taken during the 8 months pregnancy under the following heads.

• Avoid To Stand For a Long Time
Pelvic pressure increases with the increase in the size of the baby within the stomach due to this pressure, lower back experiences pain and thus lady at this moment is not supposed to stand for a long time and bed rest should be provided to her.

• Exercise
During this period, a woman experiences pain and aches and these aches and pains are relieved by mean of prenatal aerobics and yoga exercises.

• Diet
A Proper diet should be taken at this moment. Oily, spicy, junk and acid containing food should be avoided at this moment. Food causing constipation should also be avoided. The woman should eat fibrous food like fish, tofu, leafy greens, nuts, bread, kiwi and whole grains. Intake of alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in this period.

• Care
Guardians are especially required at this moment to take care of the pregnant lady and for providing moral support to her. When she has got tired she should take a rest and if she is hungry then she should eat food without any delay.

• Sound Sleep
Proper amount of sleep should be taken in this period. She should sleep at night for 8 hours and 45 minutes sleep should be taken in the afternoon.

• Stress and tension
Stress should be avoided in this period. A peaceful and happy environment should be provided to her. She is not supposed to be indulged in any type of worry or tension. Even she is also not supposed to be in an angry mood.

• Posture
She should take care of the fact that her posture is correct at the time of sitting, standing and sleeping. Improper posture leads to complications at the time of delivery and it also disturbs the position of the baby.

• Clothes
Some ladies prefer to wear tight clothes for looking slim, but in this period woman should wear loose clothes. As tight clothes affect the movement of the baby, which can create a great problem.

• Staying Hydrated
She should drink the proper amount of water and fruit-juices which ensure fitness in all the respect.

• Routine Check-up
A routine visit to the doctor is essential so as to watch and observe each and every activity. Doctor provides essential guidelines to deal with the situation in a genuine manner. A gynaecologist should be consulted for such a purpose. The best gynaecologist in India is Dr. (Mrs) Umesh N. Jindal. Lilavati Hospital (Mumbai) is the best gynaecology hospital in India. Among the hospitals in India, Columbia Asia Hospital is one of the hospitals which has gynaecology department.