The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask – Does It Really Work? And Why Do People Not Like It?

A new product has been introduced by Neutrogena: the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask. This particular product uses light therapy to help you control your acne. That’s what makes this mask so very promising. Traditionally, light therapy will cost you around $40 for one session with a complete treatment package costing over $1,000. Compare this cost to the cost of the mask at around $40 and you can see why the mask is so appealing. You can use this product over and over again and it won’t end up costing you an arm and a leg and whole bunch more acne.

Does It Work?

So, the big question. Does it really work? Well, we have done some research and have found that this product really does work. Almost everyone that has used this product has found it that it helped them control their acne. It’s also a whole lot cheaper than going to a doctor to get the light therapy. And plus you can do it anytime you are home. You just need 10 minutes for the light therapy to work.

So Why Do Some People Not Like It?

Quite a few people have mentioned that the activator that ships with the product and that powers the mask is only good for 30 uses. After that, you have to purchase another activator.

Some other people dislike this aspect because they say it is a waste of resources. Each activator is only good for 30 uses, so over the months, you have to go through quite a few activators.

Some other people don’t like it because the activator can sometimes be difficult to plug into the mask. If it’s not plugged in correctly, the mask won’t turn on, but the activator will still count down by 1 use.

This is why you’ll see lower ratings for the mask from some retailers.

Final Result

After comparing the good and the bad, the final result is that this is a good product that works. But you do have to buy a monthly activator. Pricewise, it’s a lot cheaper than getting therapy elsewhere and you don’t have to leave the house. There’s a lot more people that are happy with the results and are more than willing to purchase the activator each month.

What You Need to Know

You won’t see results overnight with this product. You’ll need to use it for at least 1 week before you notice results. And for best results, you’ll need to keep using this product for as long as you have acne. This is not a cure, but a treatment.